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Call us for any questions

+91 938 239 9085

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About Us

We bring ideas to online reality through innovative solutions from our highly skilled team.

Metasurfaces are generally designed by placing scatterers in periodic or pseudo-periodic grids. We propose and discuss design rules for functional metasurfaces with randomly placed. Anisotropic elements that randomly sample.

Our Mission

We are a company focused on delivering results on time with the use of latest technologies for an ultimate user experience. A milestone based progression for the client and a prolonged support after project delivery is what makes us unique.

Our Vision

With a vision to help our customers embrace digital transformation effortlessly by dissolving their challenges on every step of the way, our perceptive hands-on approach and fine-tuned expertise make a winning combination for unprecedented business transformation that invites growth.

Why choose us?

Our ability to bring outstanding results to our customers.

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Our Team

Meet our team

Anirban Roy
CEO & Founder

Sohail Irfan

Mayank Pareek
Chief Manager

Dr. Swarnendu Ghosh
Tech Consultant

Shyama Palit
UI/UX Designer

Oliva Dutta
UI/UX Designer

Surya Chakraborty
HR & Marketing

Prantik Bera
App Developer

Aritro Sarkar

Subham Sharma
Full Stack Developer

Alnas Hossain
UI/UX Designer

Tapu Shekhar Saha
Graphics Designer